Here's a sneak peak into the the areas of Street Cards we are developing.


Live video of donations

In our first test run of this model we proved that people are more likely to give to the homeless community when donors know what the money will be used towards, where it will be spent, and who it goes to. We raised 300% of our fundraising goal for our first Donation Day that was streamed live on our Facebook feed; donors were able to witness first hand the reactions of the recipients as they received the items they specifically needed.

We continue to host Donation Days - follow along with our events on our social media pages. If you, your company, your church, or a group of friends would like to host or participate in a Donation Day e-mail

We hope to be able to do this on a mass scale via an online platform in the future.

next live donation day is TBD.

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IT: Web and APP Based accessibility

We are building a website in which users and donors have access to create and/or view personal profiles. Each profile will have the name of the person or family you can donate to with a "necessities list" and a "more ways to help" list. Necessities would include the top priorities for that individual (ie feminine hygiene products, metro transit fare, monthly medical prescriptions, groceries). More ways to help lists include the rest of the things that would ease the daily struggles fore that specific individual's life (ie new shoes, a gift for their granddaughter's birthday).  The site allows donors to give to the specific need of the individual profile they are reading. For example, if Drake has created a profile and places the need for his 15 dollar monthly blood pressure medication at his closest CVS Pharmacy, the donor can then provide Drake with a $15 credit to that exact pharmacy. The money is spent well and the receiver gets what is truly needed for him personally. 

How do you find the profiles? 

The site allows you to scroll through profiles at random, based on location, based on name, or based on necessities lists. The site also creates personal profile QR codes which can be printed at home or at any of several locations across Minneapolis at no charge. The QR codes can be used for those who find support by standing outside asking for public donations. Donors can open the Street Cards Application, scan the code, and give to that person's specific requests without ever leaving the app. Fast, easy, and effective for all. 

The iPhone and Android based app will allow for people to create, update, and view profiles/necessities lists, scan profile QR codes for quick access to personal profiles, and to donate with ease. 




We are working towards partnering with local companies around the greater Mineapolis- St Paul area. We will be looking for partners and supporters in the following areas: 

  • Local Grocery Stores

  • Local Pharmacies

  • Local Homeless Shelters

  • Local Government Organizations and Officials

  • Local Target Stores

  • Local WalMart Stores

  • Local Gas Stations

  • Local Landlords and Rental Housing Companies

  • Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and AT&T

  • Local Hotels



Financial Support

We are looking for any groups, organizations, churches, families, individuals, etc. that would be interested in taking on any part of the financial responsibility required to help Street Cards operate in the safest, smartest way for our users. Any amount, small or large, is helpful for us to work towards bettering the way we support our communities.

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