Our goal is simple. Provide the homeless and and those in need with what they really need.  

We are deconstructing the saying “beggars can’t be choosers” and reframing the way we support our communities.
— Andrea Bert, Founder of Street Cards


Our Mission

We are fostering and personalizing the donor-receiver relationship while meeting the direct and individual needs of those experiencing homelessness. Feel confident in your donation and make a difference without wondering where or how your money is being spent.

We strive to inspire needs-driven giving, to listen and hear those who need our help the most, and to spread the love and generosity that flows through the people of Minneapolis.

Who are our users

There are two sides to our story. Those in need and those who are able to give. The two are not mutually exclusive and all are welcome to participate in both groups.

Anyone who has a need, whether it be driven by homelessness, acute or chronic illness, sudden loss of job, or simply hard times, YOU are welcome here. Tell us what you need and what would be most helpful for your situation. Let your community support you.

Anyone who is able to give, please consider donating or hosting a Donation Day.  Our platform will allow you to give confidently. You pick the donation amount. You get to feel security in knowing your donation fulfilled an immediate need. Choose to love and support the community you live in by giving back in a reliable fashion.


The Step by Step Vision for the future

  • Website platform that allows users to create a profile in which they state what their personal, detailed, needs are (ie pharmacy gift card for their prescription medications, grocery gift cards for food, or local stores for items such as feminine hygiene products, diapers, or clothing).

  • We understand that privacy is a priority for many users. So, although profiles are made public for donors to access, user’s personal information is always kept safe and secure. Users are able to share as much or as little personal information as they see fit.

  • iPhone and Android based apps allow for easy profile creation and donating.

  • Once someone in need creates a profile, they will be prompted to print a QR code (barcode) that will be connected to their profile. Donors will have the ability to scan the QR code via the phone-based app in order to access the correlating personal profile. There, donors will see what requests have been made and will have the freedom to choose who and how they would like to help.

  • iPads located throughout the city to allow for profile creation, profile updates, service request updates, and/or an easy
    way to donate to a user’s specific need.

  • While we're in the development phase we are meeting the needs of people experiencing homelessness today by doing Donation Days.